Toyeshill Pedigree
Aberdeen Angus Cattle

A small herd of elite cattle established using fine pedigree cattle sourced from renowned bloodlines and the finest bulls for insemination.

Now calving embryo calves.

Calves expected this year by sires such as:

  • Ankonian Elixer 100,

  • Idvies Euris

  • Netherton Eastern Cruz

Sugartown Miss April with her 2006 calf Toyes Hill Miss May

Another Foundation cow Fartagh Bonny from the famous sire Black Banner

Two heifers in the top 1% of the breed Rawburn Moss Princess and Rawburn Easy Now were added to the herd during 2006

Rawburn Moss Princess sired by Rawburn Lord Ross

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Visitors Very Welcome by appointment

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 Young Bulls available for sale by Sires such as Black Banner, Galcantry Preditor and others

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 Cows, Heifers and calves available for sale and export.

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Toyeshill Pedigree
Aberdeen Angus Cattle





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